Animated Snow | Animated Leaves | Animated Fireflies (For My Etsy Clients)

You're probably visiting this blog post because you saw it linked on my animated overlay Etsy listings. Etsy won't let me upload a .gif, so I had to go elsewhere to show you examples of the Photoshop actions/overlays working. I have these overlay examples on youtube too, but if I go to make small changes/improvements to them, it's easier for me to re-upload them here, which is why they're in 2 places. So far, I have 3 versions of animated snow overlay sets for sale and 1 set of animated falling leaves for sale. I am planning on creating an animated firefly overlay and action set very soon! Check them out below.

Animated falling snow overlay 1:

The animated snow overlay actions come with a cooling action, an action to darken edges, along with the actions to animate all 3 sets of snow overlays. These overlays are different from my original falling snow overlays that are not animated. The still overlays, unfortunately will not work with these actions.

Animated falling snow overlay 2:

Animated falling snow overlay 3:

Click here to see the instructional video about how to use these overlays and actions.

Falling animated leaves overlay set:

Stay tuned for animated fireflies!

Thanks for looking!!


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