Fall Sessions 2020

It's currently March, but I'm here to post Fall sessions because that’s what I do with blogging. While I usually fall behind, I typically play catch up, but I didn’t do that last year, but at least I have good reason; This time last year, my family and I were enjoying the fruits of our DIY labor from the previous Summer, where we spent the whole Summer remodeling our kitchen. We did almost everything ourselves, with the help of family and friends, including putting together every cabinet! The only things we didn't do were set the countertop and install the dishwasher and sink. Let's face it, we can act like we're master DIY'ers, but we can't pretend we're plumbers lol. BUT, plumbing is where things went wrong... the plumber who installed our sink (no, I won't say who) forgot a very important step and months later, it caused the WHOLE DOWNSTAIRS OF OUR HOUSE TO FLOOD WHILE WE WERE ASLEEP!!!!!!! We're fine, everything's fine and worse things could've happened, but let me just say that we were preoccupied this time last year; After watching our brand new flooring get ripped out, we enjoyed the noise and company of huge dehumidifiers and fans while we tried to save our cabinets and subfloor. It was loads of fun :-/. Again, it could've been worse and our insurance sent out an amazing company to fix everything for us, but I wrote all of that to tell you that I wasn't blogging a single thing at that time haha. It took almost a month total to dry every out and get everything back to normal, then just as that was straightened out, covid-19 was at the forefront.

While I don't blog everything, I at least try to blog mini session marathon sessions, so I have something to show my potential clients the following year. So, here I am, bright eyed, bushy tailed, with a dry house, ready to share my favorites from Fall minis. :)

Thanks for looking!!

On location portrait photographer, based in Poquoson, Va 


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