Holly, where have you been?

Hello! If you're wondering why you haven't seen me post to social media, this is the post for you to read. I'm going to admit that quarantine made me LAZY. Being stuck inside had me checking social media way too much and I found myself consumed with scrolling through endless info/opinions and I just had to put an end to looking at it and get back in my work groove (when I was able to go back to working). When I stopped looking at social media, I had to stop posting to social media too, which also meant I had to stop posting to my business accounts! Stopping my normal social media advertising made me much more productive with editing though. It takes more time than people realize for me to post sneak peeks to Facebook and Instagram. After I pick a few favorites, I seem to take forever to think about what to say about the photos, then I get frustrated because Facebook won't let me tag my clients most of the time, then I hear the notification dings and after I check the notifications I get sidetracked and so on and so on. This kills my productivity level. Then, throw in homeschooling, which I've never attempted before, plus a busy Fall season and I just stopped. I stopped posting and I stopped looking.

But, I like for my clients to see sneak peeks, especially when I'm swamped with editing and I know it'll take longer than usual for them to see their galleries. So, I turned to emailing sneak peeks directly to my clients and I think it worked out well. Starting this past Fall, instead of the cheesy social media posts from me, instead my clients received web-sized sneak peeks to their emails that they could post wherever they wanted to post. From what I could tell, their families and friends were able to actually see their images because Facebook and Instagram weren't hiding my business page posts from them, in hopes that I'd buy likes and views. Again, I think it worked well and I might stick to it for the new year, so we'll have to see. Also, I'm thinking this will give me more reason to showcase images on my blog again, which is an area I always seem to lack in I don't know why I lack posting to my blog, since blog posts don't get lost like Facebook posts do, but I do.

Which brings me to showing you Fall sessions from 2020. I'm going to try to work backwards and backdate if I can figure out how to on this new blog platform. :)

The M family:

J + C:

The kids from the K family:

I'll be posting Fall sessions from another location next time. Thanks for looking!!

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