Spring Minis at the Beach 2020 Favorites

Before the pandemic settled in, a few of the Spring/Beach sessions (whichever you’d like to call them- I cant decide lol), were actually shot! I had booked quite a few families and I was so excited about seeing my clients again. Then, everything around us started shutting down and the majority of the sessions were postponed, then they were ultimately cancelled. So, what I’m here to show you today are my favorites from the two Spring/Beach sessions I was able to shoot, before things got serious.

The first session below, I had edited last and I remember taking my time and cherishing every last edit. Everything was shutting down and I knew it would be the last family to grace my computer for a while and it admittedly made me sad. They were probably wondering where their gallery was, but I couldn't help it! LOL!

The next beautiful family:

If you're wondering if I'll be doing Spring Minis this year, yes I am!

Thanks for looking!

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