Spring Refresh

My work cycle usually starts slow and ends busy. After a busy year end though, I welcome the start of a new year with a slower pace until the weather starts to warm up. In between in-office headshot sessions, I typically update my website, clean up my email, prep my taxes and add something to my digital Etsy listings (Photoshop related stuff I sell to photographers). Last year, I started the year with in-office headshots, then my house flooded from failed plumbing(!), then everything around us shut down, due to covid-19. Let’s just say, I did not focus on anything business related at that time. And, after going through my website yesterday, it really showed. There were broken links, some of the pages didn’t load correctly when viewed on mobile and I was just long overdue for a refresh. Honestly, I’ve been getting emails from spammers, claiming they’ll “fix” my site and now I think maybe they weren’t just spamming me!

So, this week, I’ve been making it a point to get images on this blog and to give my website and a staple photo prop of mine a makeover. So, after doing the online refreshing, I revamped my logo a little, then I moved to my Spring mini session chair. I know an old chair would usually have nothing to do with a website, but it‘s been gracing the pages here for quite a few years now and I thought it needed a refresh. It’s a pretty chair and clients seem to love the teal color, but I don’t know... I thought it needed a change and that it should be neutral, so my clients don‘t feel like they have to coordinate with it anymore.

When I first bought this chair from the local thrift store, the wooden part of it had a dark stain and the fabric was yellow. While that’s really not bad, it was missing a seat cushion, so I knew I would need to change out the fabric and cushion the seat. I used a tan pleather fabric, so I could just brush off the sand at the beach, but as it turns out, it’s also great for wiping down with disinfectant wipes in between sessions to stop the spread of covid-19. With this current refresh, I was able to reuse that same fabric. So, all I did was remove the fabric, sand a little, paint, distress with sandpaper and shoe polish, add finishing wax, then put the fabric back on. The last time I reupholstered this chair, I used a lot of fabric on the back of it and this time I reupholstered it, I was able to use that fabric to make more of a cushion, instead of just stuffing the seat part again. I dug up some phone images and added them below, so you can see the progression.

I found this side by side on my phone from 2014:

I was also able to find the image of only the original chair:

And, the first refresh can be see below or in any of these blog posts: https://www.hollybutlerphotography.com/blog/tags/that-old-chair

Now, for the second refresh, which is almost the same, just no more teal paint:

I think it'll work out and I hope y'all do, too!

Thanks for looking!

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