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Sunsets & Silhouettes | Summer 2022

Is it really June and time for Sunsets & Silhouettes? I am so far behind on everything with work and life and time is slipping away! We recently sold our home that we'd poured so much love into, so we could buy the house I grew up in. The sale and purchase were not planned at all, so once we started the process, there was no time to think and it's been a whirlwind, but so worth it! Moving put me behind when it came to booking Spring mini sessions this year and I just CANNOT get behind with Sunsets & Silhouettes too. :)

In case you're new here, Sunsets & Silhouettes are unlike my other mini sessions; My normal minis are on specific dates and are limited to 3 or more families who pick a time slot only on the said specific dates. But, with S&S minis, the shooting time will be much closer to sunset and 1 family per evening just works out better. Since the location is close to my home, it's easy for me to schedule these mini sessions throughout the Summer and on weeknights. These 15-20 minute sessions include images with normal lighting and a beachy/grassy setting + silhouettes at the end. At least 15 edited images, along with their black and whites are included in the cost and these minis are only shot at a location in Poquoson. The cost is $250. An online contract and a $50 retainer are due at booking and the rest ($200) is due after the session.

Usually when booking these, I tell my clients to pick a weeknight or two and I'll most likely be able to make one of the dates work, but it seems to go better if I list dates to choose from instead. The dates listed below are weeknight dates that I can make available and I'll try to delete any booked or unavailable dates. The availability is broken up by week. If 2 out of 3 dates are booked in 1 week, I will erase all 3 dates, so I have wiggle room for possible bad weather. Since I have weekend availability listed on my calendar page, I'm only going to put weeknight availability below, but if I have weekends available, on my calendar (link here), I can meet you and your family on a weekend evening instead for a S&S mini. Remember, these are close to sunset, so give those kiddos a late nap if they require one!

Weeknight availability for S&S minis:

Tuesday, July 12th @8pm

Wednesday, July 13th @8pm

Thursday, July 14th @8pm

Wednesday, July 20th @7:45pm

Wednesday, July 27th @7:45pm

Thursday, July 28th @7:45pm

Tuesday, August 2nd @7:45pm

Tuesday, August 9th @7:45pm

Wednesday, August 10th @7:45pm

Thursday, August 11th @7:45pm

Sunset & Silhouettes | Holly Butler Photography

Sunset & Silhouettes | Holly Butler Photography

Sunset & Silhouettes | Holly Butler Photography

Sunset & Silhouettes | Holly Butler Photography

Sunset & Silhouettes | Holly Butler Photography

Sunset & Silhouettes | Holly Butler Photography

If you'd like to book with me, or just to chat please send me an email by clicking here. :)

Thanks for looking!

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