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What is HBPCreate?

Instead of continuing to confuse everyone with my multiple social media names (lol), I figured I'd explain why some of my social media accounts, along with my linktree are called HBPCreate instead of Holly Butler Photography. First of all, just in case you didn't know because I didn't for a long time, linktree is a very convenient thing to have if you have multiple links you want people to see. I used to type all of the links in places, until I discovered that I could just put one link in my bio that has all of the relevant links in one place. No, I'm not affiliated. 😊

HBPCreate is the name of my Etsy store, where I *try to* sell digital downloads that are Photoshop related. Then, I added that name to my Pinterest account because I wanted my Pinterest to include photography things and Etsy shop related things. But I *had* to keep using Pinterest to save all things creative/DIY which is what I had on my Pinterest before it was a business account. Also, within the last few years, I've added chicken keeping and pressure canning on there too, so it felt weird naming that Holly Butler Photography. My Pinterest is basically my brain with all of the open internet tabs. My Tiktok account is new, but already headed in that same direction with more categories than just photography, so it's called HBPCreate as well. My way of thinking when I made up the name for Etsy was HBP= Holly Butler Photography, for photography related things, which also counts the Photoshop related things I sell on Etsy. Create= all things creative because if you know me personally, you'll know that I literally can't stop being creative. I'm always refinishing some furniture I found at an antique store, restore, or the side of the road (against my husband's wishes haha). I'm always trying new ways to use Photoshop because the possibilities are endless there. I'm always updating our DIY chicken coop. HBPCreate has merged into a way to tie all of my open tabs together with photography, but not all of it is photography.... if that makes any sense at all haha!

Here are some screen grabs, linked to my socials, in case you want to go see all of the internet tabs open in my brain haha.