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Hey there, I'm Holly. I love being an on location portrait photographer and this year marks my 10th year doing so! I'm based in Poquoson, Virginia and one of my favorite things to capture is the unique and loving way a family connects together. It feels like I'm pressing the pause button on memories for each family that I photograph and it's absolutely gratifying!

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The connections and memories with your family today will be different than the connections and memories with them tomorrow, or next year, or the next 10 years. I am here to make time stand still and to capture today's memories, so they can last forever!

If you book a session with me, the photos you receive will be a mixture of posed portraits and the natural moments in between poses, all while using the soft light of the fading sun. The natural photos are typically what makes up about half of each gallery I deliver.

I like to provide a generous amount of edited images in client galleries; I don't discard wonderful photos, just for the sake of sticking to a set number. I also provide black and white conversions, for all final photos, doubling the amount of images my clients are promised. I really don't like to leave anything out that doesn't need to be left out!

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Holly Butler Photography | On Location Portrait Photographer Hampton Roads

Thank you for being here!

I've been photographing families, children, babies, and more, since 2013. Throughout the years, freezing time on precious moments and interactions has become my true passion.

​Will you let me freeze the time for you?

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