Location Favorites

If you would like to know some nearby location favorites of mine, you're in the right place!

I tend to stick to the Poquoson, Yorktown, Newport News and surrounding areas. Due to my anxiety about driving through tunnels, plus the traffic, I typically do not go to Norfolk or Virginia Beach. If you have somewhere in mind in Gloucester, or parts of Suffolk, just let me know! :)

About a week before your photo session, I will send an email to provide specific driving and parking directions for your chosen location, or for the mini session you signed up for.

Yorktown Battlefields

A lot of my clients and I love the look of this particular field in Yorktown. The county lets the grass grow all through the summer and we get to see the buttercups, little daisies, Queen Anne's lace flowers and the famous Yorktown onions blooming, depending on the time of the year. This place is gorgeous when the sun is shining, or on a cloudy day.

Yorktown Beach

I've been enjoying a particular part of Yorktown Beach for the last 8 or so years, when a family showed it to me. There's a mix of tall beach grass, large rocks and driftwood that make it a sought after location. There are even cute walking paths on the other side of the beach grass that add variety to your gallery. Oh, let's not forget that sunset!

Historic Yorktown

Sometimes, it's fun to walk around in the historic Yorktown area with my camera and a family, or high school senior. We just have to be mindful that some places in the area are homes and businesses.

Beautiful Poquoson

There is a little spot in Poquoson that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE! It has a little beachy area, a grassy field option and the beach grass along the water is beautiful all Summer there. This is the spot where I get my favorite silhouettes at the end of family sessions in the evening. I make it a point to get those silhouettes every time I shoot at this location, whether it's a Summer mini or if it's a "regular" session.

The AreaNext to My House

Okay, hear me out haha! I created an area with a faux barn wall next to the woods in the empty area of my yard. I did this so I could have an outdoor location that doesn't require permission, or permits to shoot.

The barn wall blocks the view of the house next door so it seems like my clients were photographed at a secluded location. I made a path out of brick pavers, sand and rocks to take care of mud problems after rain and it works! There's a vinyl privacy fence on the opposite side of the barn wall that does a good job of reflecting the sunlight back onto my clients' faces. The fence, the wooded area and the wall blocks strong wind the weather man warns us of. I can even control the height of the grass and since my clients love the tall grass look, I let the grass get a little bit of height and let the wildflowers do their thing. When thinking about issues I run into at public locations, I feel like I've covered most of the bases with this little spot!

This area is perfect for smaller session collections and I've been dressing it up for themed mini sessions to give my clients a variety of seasonal theme choices. *The area may look different, depending on the season.

How to choose a location?

You tell me what type of setting you're leaning towards and we'll go from there. It's okay if you don't know what setting you'd like right away, just keep in mind that the scenery changes with the seasons.

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