How to Contact Me & Spam

**This post may be missing photos while I get my website switched over. Please pardon the mess!

How to contact me? My preferred method for new clients to contact me is through email by using my contact form. Since there are way too many spammers out there, I won't type out my email anywhere online anymore, so I use a contact form instead. Immediately after you click the submit button on my contact form, you should be redirected to a welcome page that includes collection pricing and info while you're waiting for my more detailed response. It's super easy and straightforward. My contact form is on my website's menu and it's also linked here: click here to get to my contact page.

Ultimately, I move all correspondences to my email because I prefer everything in one place. All contract links, online payment links and final galleries are sent to my clients by email, not sent to their social media inboxes.

If you're a past client and we already have an email thread, or if you have my email saved, you can totally reply to a past thread or start a new one, instead of using my contact form! If you have my number and want to text or call, go for it! Also, thank you for being awesome! 😊

What about the HBP Facebook page? You can totally send me a message on my business Facebook page, but know that I will reply to Facebook messages within 24 hours, just like an email. I am trying to normalize being available during business hours! Just because we all have phones attached to us, doesn’t have to mean we’re answering our work phone all day and all night. :)

If you hate a quick response, please message my personal Facebook page. LOL, I'm kidding, please don't use my personal page for business inquiries only because I don't check Facebook all the time and I don't have the messenger app, so I won't even get a notification that I have a message there. Sometimes, I won't even see a message for weeks if you're not on my friend's list, or if I'm taking a social media break.

My husband stays logged into my account and looks at Facebook Marketplace all the time and accidentally clears my notifications without thinking about it lol. When he's on my Facebook looking at race cars past 9pm, that active status is him, not me because I'm probably asleep haha!

I'M NOT MAD AT YOU if you've ever messaged me on my personal page though! I'm mad at Facebook for making it easier for my clients to tag my personal page on their pictures than it is for them to tag my business page. It's much easier for prospective clients to click the tag they saw in a Facebook post than it is for them to search for my business page, so I get it.

What about phone calls? Some people like to talk to a person and that's completely fine. The same reason I don't have my email listed online is the same reason I don't have my phone number listed online though; The spammers! There's unfortunately no contact form for my voicemail and I don't have a secretary to answer phone calls when I’m unavailable, so the process at least starts with an email. When I reply to your email, you'll have all of the information in one place and you won't have to write anything down. After the initial email, some still like to talk to me on the phone, or text me and that's fine with me.

But, I'm a spammer, how do I contact you? Please don't spam me LOL. I get soooo much spam. Reporting spam as spam/junk has caused me to miss actual emails from my contact form before, since some spammers use my contact form to spam me. Rude! That's supposed to be for clients! I know they're trying to do their jobs, but I don't reply to them because they will get my phone number and such from my email's signature line and I don't want them to have that or my email. I don't even know how they get my email anymore, honestly. I've taken the contact button off of Instagram, off of Facebook and I don't think it's on my website anywhere anymore. Thanks for making me feel loved though, spammers!

I hope this helps and thanks for looking!!