Jackie's Headshots

Jackie came to me to have headshot portraits taken that resembled the doctor she works with on the Nutrition Advisor website. During her session, Jackie was telling me about the site and how it's a place for people to find holistic nutrition doctors who get to the root cause, which is very cool to me! If you're looking for a nutrition advisor, or if you are one and you'd like to be on their list, the link to the site can be found here: https://nutritionadvisor.com.

Jackie, along with a few of my high school senior clients used a local Seint makeup artist, Mindy for their beautiful makeup. Since I knew I was adding the nutrition website, I asked Mindy if she wanted me to add her info too and here was her response:

"That would be amazing, thank you so much!

My Facebook & insta are @glowupbymindy here’s the link to my insta page 


They can contact me on my cell at 757-262-9281 or by filling out my inquiry form


If you ever need makeup, you should contact her and while I'm no Seint rep, I'm here to say that that makeup is awesome and the concept of contouring, rather than a one color foundation looks really great in photos!

Thank you for looking!!