Thank You

For booking with me! But, now what?

Congratulations, you've booked an HBP session! But, now what? I created this page to answer most questions you may have about moving forward from here, without you having to wait on a response from me. You can totally still ask me questions though, I don't mind!

When you'll hear from me: Within about 24 hours of you filling out your session agreement, I'll email you a copy of it. After that, you can always contact me if you'd like location ideas, or if you just have general questions. About a week before your session date, I'll email specific driving and parking directions.

Locations: You technically don't need to pick your location until your session date gets close. Outdoor photo sessions are mainly shot in Yorktown, Poquoson and sometimes Hampton, Newport News, Gloucester and nearby Suffolk. *I typically don't travel to Norfolk, or Virginia Beach.

Meet time: I shoot most outdoor sessions no more than 2 hours before sunset, for the flattering soft lighting. It is very important that you arrive on time, so we don't lose the light!

If your outdoor session is in the Summer, when the sun sets late, please give the little ones a later than normal nap, if possible. Also make sure everyone either has a meal, or large snack, so everyone's happy. You could even plan a dinner for afterwards and make this an experience, filled with family time. 

It may be best to organize your day around your session event! For instance, try not to plan something like a trip to a theme park on the same day of your session. Let your session be your family event for that day instead!

Please consider driving time and parking time, when leaving for your session.

Weather: If the weather is supposed to be bad, we can either reschedule, shoot earlier in the day, or wait it out! If we plan to shoot earlier in the evening and you're worried about the light being too bright, there are usually a lot of good clouds before rain and clouds are good! They act like a filter for the sun and can make for an interesting backdrop.

If rescheduling is needed, I will try to reschedule for the same weekend, the following weekend, or on a weeknight, depending on what you can do and what I can do. I try to plan for bad weather, when I'm making my schedule!

holly butler photography photographer in poquoson

Kids: If you have children and you're afraid they'll throw fits, or not smile, it's okay! I want you to let me try to connect with them and make it a fun experience for them! It'll be okay if they don't look at the camera most of the time and it'll be okay if they don't smile the whole time. I will not push them to do either. There will be times that I tell them not to look at the camera, but I try to get the "perfect shots", where everyone smiles at the camera, when It's possible to.

It will help, let them have a good nap (if applicable) and a meal, or a big snack before the session. Again, you could turn this time with me into a fun, family experience, with maybe dinner and ice-cream afterwards! I'd like to ask that you don't threaten to take their treat away from them, if they don't smile though.

One last thing to consider for your kids is to make sure their clothing is comfortable! If an outfit is way too big, too small, too much for hot weather, or not enough for cold weather, they might be uncomfortable and cry the whole time.

Payment: You've probably already paid towards your session fee when paying the retainer. The rest of the payment isn't due until the day of your session. I accept cash, checks and credit card via square . If you pay with check, it can be made out to, Holly Butler Photography. If you need a receipt, just let me know and I will email you one! I do not send any gallery until the full balance is paid. *All final balances with 2023+ pricing that are paid with cash or check will receive a $10 discount.

Your gallery: Your online gallery will be like getting your proofs, except you'll be able to download them to your computer right away! You'll receive an email with the link and a password to your viewing gallery. It will also come with a download pin and a print release. All galleries can be expected within 2 weeks of your session, as long as the full balance has been paid. 

Have questions?

No worries, you're welcome to contact me! While you're waiting for my response, check out my frequently asked questions page.

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