Favorites of Rustic Fall Minis 2022 | Part 2

To recap from the first part of my Rustic Fall Mini favorites: I'm canning meat and blogging on an old laptop in the kitchen today haha. Doing this makes me wish I could just edit on a laptop anywhere in the house, or better yet outside, but I don't trust the monitor in different light settings. I know it sounds picky, but editing in my woman cave makes everything look more uniform. It's dark in there with the blinds shut, but just enough light for no glare. I guess that's why its the cave! 😂

Part 1 of my Fall Mini favorites can be found by clicking here.

Here are the second half of my favorites, not counting the few that I don't have permission to post. I most definitely have favs from those too, but I respect their wishes and will keep them to myself!

Thank you for looking and I hope to see your smiling face this year!