Welcome To My New Website!

I've been working behind the scenes to get all of the info from my old website onto this new website, I'm finally at the point where I'm happy with the way it looks and it's time to start doing the tedious work of copying blog posts over, too. Since this will be tedious, I'm unsure how far back in blog posts I'll go because I've had the old site for probably 9 years and it's going to be A LOT!

I'm working from my laptop at my Mamaw's desk today because my daughter and I are sitting with Pawpaw while she gets an appointment and errands knocked out. Since we're here for a few hours and Pawpaw likes his rest, there will be a lot of downtime. I'm copy/pasting posts while I'm here and I plan to plug in photos when I get back to my desktop computer tomorrow, or another day. A photo of one of her sewing machines seemed appropriate because I feel like I'm sewing all of this together. People say that I get my creativity from my Mamaw, except I've never really sewed lol!

So many links, photos and things were connected on my old blog, so please bear with me when links don't work, photos are obviously missing, or posts simply don't look as they should! I'm doing the copy/pasting-now-come-back-later method because I have a deadline to do this, as my Wix plan runs out in a few weeks.

You might be thinking, "why is she torturing herself with this tedious work if her Wix site was fine and functional before?". Well, the gallery viewer site, Pixieset that I've been using for years started adding options for website templates that really caught my eye. Then, I saw a few local photographers using a booking link with Pixieset that I wanted to try out as well. For a long time, I've typed out my availability on a page in my website and the grass was looking greener?! I ended up copying my site onto a Pixieset template and really liked the flow and the options they offered for a website, so I officially connected my domain to this site.

BUT! So far, I'm not using the booking site they offer, which is what I came here for! *laughs in stress*. I tried it out, then thought about it and I like for potential clients to ask questions, get a feel for the photographer and person I am before submitting any type of form. Yes, I could approve bookings, but I'm human and I make human errors. I'm automatically worried that I'll book something off of my site/via text or direct email, forget to mark that date as booked, then a potential client goes to fill out the booking site form to book said date that I don't actually have available. I don't want someone to be mad at me from the get go if a date they thought they were signing up for wasn't available, so I made my availability page just like I had it before! Ha! I also recently received a wedding inquiry, but I don't shoot weddings. Could you imagine booking a date you saw available through a site and thinking you had wedding photographer checked off of your list so easily, but it turns out you didn't?!

I'm liking my site though, so I'm glad this option was presented to me!

Thanks for looking!